27th November 2015 

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HypnoGolf TM

Learn the unique HypnoGolf TM mind control techniques of the top pros.
Created by a team of peak performance coaches and tested on the golf course.
Turbo charge your golf and reach your full golfing potential.

You've got the clubs, shoes and all the equipment. So now, why not prepare your mind
just like the pros?

Our apps use NLP, hypnosis and psychology to help you unlock the power of your mind
and reach your peak golfing performance. So, if you’re serious about your golf and want
to enjoy it more than ever, why not have your very own golf mind coach on your phone?
Let HypnoGolf TM help you build the winning mind set.

“HypnoGolf dropped my handicap from 21 to 15.
It really works. Thanks so much”
Steve J.

  • Unique blend of sports psychology, hypnosis and NLP.
  • Original interactive hypnotic experience.
  • Uses your own experiences to heighten the effectiveness of the app.
  • Works on specific golfing issues.
  • Use for general golf improvement.
  • Lower your handicap.

5 apps working on different parts of the game:

HypnoGolf #01

Win From the First (Free)

Kill first tee nerves and gain confidence
Win from the First iTunes App
Win from the First Google App

HypnoGolf #02

Rapid Recovery

Recover from bad shots and re focus your mind

Rapid Recovery iTunes App
Rapid Recovery Google App

HypnoGolf #03

Perfect Putt

Banish the yips and putting demons

Putt Perfect iTunes App
Putt Perfect Google App

HypnoGolf #04

The Zone

Access and own the Zone for peak performance

The Zone iTunes App
The Zone Google App

HypnoGolf #05

Be a Scratch Golfer

Fulfil your golfing potential and join the pro ranks

Scratch Golfer iTunes App
Scratch Golfer Google App