30th November 2015 

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Benefits #01

What can we do for you?

Our winning HypnoGolf® approach will help you to:

  • Lower your handicap ... and maintain it

  • Rekindle your love of the game

  • Compete confidently with anyone

  • Recover quickly and move on from a bad shot

  • Extend your range of motion

  • Clear your mind with our MindSweeper technique

  • Control swing thoughts

  • Cultivate flow

  • Sharpen your golfing instinct

"John and Emma’s understanding of the mental techniques needed in golf is incredible. They combine a thorough understanding of the power of the mind with a real practical understanding of the game of golf. A weakness in my game has been an obsession with the mechanics of the swing as I take the club back, a lack of focus at set up and a constant feeling of nerves. John and Emma have helped me identify what I am doing and have given me some effective and practical techniques which allow me to focus through a pre-shot routine, empty my mind of destructive thoughts and most importantly relax." Dan Durling

Benefits #02
  • Banish choking

  • Be yip-free with our YipBuster routine

  • Develop the winning mindset

  • Excel under pressure

  • Thrive on competition

  • Enjoy attracting success

  • Focus and commit with confidence

  • Own the zone

  • Fulfil your potential

  • Turbocharge your performance

"Nobody gives the mind enough credit for being the champion."
Gary Player