26th November 2015 

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Our Approach #01


Our unique HypnoGolf® approach integrates psychological coaching skills with cutting edge strategies:
Hypnosis, NLP and EFT:

Psychological Coaching: to clarify your goals and direction; promote greater self-awareness; improve performance; increase motivation and confidence. We work together to create a detailed action plan so that we have a clear progressive pathway tailored to your unique needs.

Hypnosis: We all experience hypnotic trances naturally many times a day: every time we go to sleep and wake up; when we daydream or drive a familiar journey. In this condition the unconscious mind is more accessible and open to suggestion. We teach you to harness this naturally occurring state to build the pathways of success and stay in the zone.

NLP: an off-shoot of hypnotherapy and psychology and is sometimes described as hypnosis without trance. Based on our understanding of how the neurological system functions, NLP is the skilful use of language and practical application of specific techniques to change and enhance the patterns or programmes that control behaviour. The benefits of NLP in the corporate world have long been acknowledged and more recently it has been employed successfully by sports people in the pursuit of excellence.

EFT: a ground-breaking technique often referred to as 'acupuncture without needles'. It is a surprisingly simple yet powerfully effective method for releasing tension and removing unwanted thoughts. We can teach you to apply it yourself to produce instant spectacular results.

“I’ve been playing the game of golf on and off for the past thirty five years and my handicap has drifted from being as low as 14 right up to my current society handicap of 25. My game has suffered over recent years due to a complete lack of confidence and concentration. I attended a one day session with the team from Mind Game Golf and was astounded by the results of the day. Being naturally sceptical I was very quickly put at ease by the team by way of their expertise and knowledge of the subject matter. In particular I have found that the NLP techniques taught on the day have allowed me to take a calm and focused approach to my golf and this has resulted in some excellent scores out on the course!!! I would thoroughly recommend spending some time with the Mind Game Golf team if you are serious about improving your golf." Keith Parker

Using our expertise in the aforementioned fields we have devised our own exclusive strategies including:

  • Yipbuster

  • Mindsweeper

  • Startsure

  • FirstTee Technique

  • Positivitee

"A lot of guys who have never choked, have never been in the position to do so."
Tom Watson