1st December 2015 

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Improve your Golf with Mind Coaching in London, Surrey and the South East

Everyone knows that golf is a mind game. As a keen golfer you are likely to have taken steps to improve your game. Maybe you've paid good money for lessons or the right clubs. Perhaps you've worked on your swing or improved your fitness ... But what about the component that really makes a difference ... your mental game?

Win the Mental Game!

Most world class golfers have taken advantage of mind coaching. But it is not only the top players who can benefit. Whatever your handicap and skill level mental coaching and golf psychology will help you achieve your potential and play to your peak.

Whether you have a specific problem such as tension, anxiety, self-doubt, lack of focus, the yips or straightforward choking; or whether you just want to win more consistently Mind Game Golf employs our exclusive, cutting edge HypnoGolf® programme to give you the edge.

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How could you improve your golf...

...with the latest psychological techniques employed by top golfers? Could you be the next unexpected winner at your club or golf society? You don’t have to be a pro to learn their strategies and harness the unbridled power of your mental game. Working with Mind Game Golf will help you play like a pro.

Mind Game Golf coaching uses the ground-breaking HypnoGolf® programme incorporating hypnosis, NLP, EFT and psychological coaching to improve your golf and lower your handicap.

Take a look at our exciting range of products and services from our individual and group sessions to our corporate golf days out.

If you want to improve your golf, or if you are interested in golf coaching, golf psychology golf hypnosis, or EFT and NLP for golf in London, Surrey, the South East or the surrounding area, contact us by clicking on the email link above or by calling: 0845 834 0328.

How low will your handicap go?